Course curriculum

  • 2

    Vet Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!

    • How do you care for yourself mentally?

    • Have you done any work?

    • Are you being honest about your current mental state of mind?

  • 3

    Account For Your Weaknesses

    • Where are the chinks in your armor?

    • How do you say "no"?

    • Would you be willing to let someone drown if it means rescuing yourself?

  • 4

    Command Your Sphere of Influence

    • Who are you here for?

    • Who's in your sphere of influence?

    • What do you want to influence others to do?

  • 5

    Coping is Key

    • What are your coping strategies?

    • How often do you engage your coping strategies?

    • What do you do when your coping strategies aren't working?

  • 6

    Trust Your Intuition

    • Who's here for you?

    • Do you have a truth-teller in your camp?

    • How do you handle betrayal?

  • 7


    • How do you set yourself for a win?

    • How are your goal-setting skills?

    • Is your goal sustainable?

  • 8

    Your Cross to Bear

    • Where are you spiritually?

    • Are faith and mental health mutually exclusive?

    • Can you see it before you see it?

  • 9

    Your Next Best Steps

    • What can you do today?

    • Influencer Mental Sustainability Plan

    • Connect With Me!

    • Schedule a 1:1 Coaching Session