Course curriculum

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    Communication Basics

    • Parts of Communication

    • Ladha_Cross-cultural communication- Tools for working with families and children

    • Activity Ladha

  • 4

    Attainable Skills

    • Responding vs Reacting

    • Zofi_5 strategies LEARN

    • Activity Zofi

  • 5

    Environmental Awareness

    • Red Flags

    • Sue_Racial_Microaggressions_in_Eve

    • Activity Sue

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    • Final Quiz

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    • Please Print Your Evaluation

    • Evaluation

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    Thank you!

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Soneakqua White

Soneakqua White, M.A.,LPC has been in the mental health field for the past fourteen years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Child Development and Family and Consumer Sciences from Baylor University in 1998. She completed a Master of Arts in Counseling from Amberton University in 2002. If you asked Soneakqua about her favorite clientele to work with she would excitedly admit that she loves counseling and coaching with creatives, clergy and athletes.